Friday, February 27, 2009

Terra Velable: The Day After No Meat

Well I've made it past my first milestone, last Wednesday marked one week and I felt...weak.  I actually felt like garbage and a cold that I've had since the beginning of this semester was really starting to flare up and I was prepared to throw in the towel after Cam gave me his 5 dollars (which he hasn't even done yet).  However, with the help of some friends I realized that I had been going about this whole thing the wrong way, I knew I had to replace proteins but I mean, what's the worst that could happen? This is what WIKIANSWERS.COM has to say:

"Early symptoms of lack of protein are apathy, lethargy and irritability. When the deficiency of protein goes longer, you may see poor growth, swelling, abnormal hair growth, muscle wasting, and abnormal skin. A lack of protein also weakens the immune system and so it is easy to get sick. Eventually, a person would die." 

Yeah, granted this is a little extreme for a week and a half of salads and cereal but it is important. So after a week I have a new outlook on  this contest. Here are some highlights.

1. I'm a creature of habit, and I also eat more cereal than your average guy.  If Kellogs for some reason started adding meat to their delicious breakfast line-up I would drop this contest faster than you could say "Frosted Steaks." 
(The giant Pepsi cup is always filled with water.)
Overall Rating: A+

2. My new outlook includes more of an effort with protein substitution, so meet my new best friend, Mr. Vanilla Soy Super Protein Shake from Terra Ve.  It has like 33 grams of protein in it so I feel like if I over-do it maybe I can catch up on last week right?  My friend Sasha also told me that you can basically live off of chic peas, that they have enough fiber and protein to keep your body alive by themselves, so down the hatch.  However, pared with a nice Cliff bar, this combination will potentially DOUBLE your meal price.  I'll definitely be scrounging for flex points come.....April?
Overall Rating: A

3.  Got a little hungry at the show Thursday night, so after seeing Zona Mexicana play, we decided to actually eat at Zona Mexicana.  I'm a big fan of the Zona burrito so I just got it without any meat but also without any of those gross vegetables that they put in there.  It honestly didn't taste that much different and it was just as filling.  Top it with a Stewart's Root Beer and you're ready for more math rock.
Overall Rating: A

Stay tuned because at the end of this nightmare I'll be posting up EVERY SINGLE PHOTO of everything I've eaten for the past month and it'll literally be disgusting how much of it is just the same thing every day, I promise.

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  1. Haha, yea. You probably should have did the whole looking up bit. You can't survive off of salad and cereal, otherwise I'd eat cereal for every meal. And you have to get creative. Vegan BLTs are mad scrumptious with guac on that shit. MM, so good. Stop fuckin' around and use your imagination.