Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Terra Velable

Last Tuesday, February 17th, I was eating a chicken parm sandwich that I brought to PURCHASE!!!'s Terra Ve when I started to think about the animal that I was eating and the sort of face it would have made as it was being killed and it made me feel really terra-ble.  I've always considered being a vegetarian but I never decided to take that initial leap.  None of my friends thought I could go without meat and we started placing bets as to how long I could last.  Cam put down $5 that I wouldn't make it a week (Feb. 25th),  Carla says $2 and I wont make it 3 weeks (March 11th), Maddie is cheap and will lose a dollar when I make it a month (March 17th) and Matt has the most faith in me with $2 on a month and a day (March 18th).  Now, its not as if I'm a carnivore or anything so I have a pretty good outlook on making this 10 bucks.

The catch is that sometimes I eat alone and no one trusts my expansive will power, so I have to document what I eat on my phone and send the photos to Maddie after every meal, which so far has been more annoying that the meat restriction.  I figured I'd have some fun with it and let everyone in on some highlights.

1. A simple veggie wrap from the Hub.  Double pepper-jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, peppers and some oil and vinegar, cheddar Sun Chips and a pickle.  On the way out I grabbed a large mint tea.  Pretty good but if you move at all you have to eat again every 2 hours. 
Overall Rating: B+

2. I made another rule for myself that at least one meal a day had to be a salad, because really how authentic would it be to eat pizza and cereal for a month?   I got a small salad from the Terra Ve salad bar, with the usual; lettuce, cucumbers, chic peas, cheese, carrots, some sort of cream dressing and what I assumed were lima beans.  Top it off with some yogurt that I'm pretty sure was spoiled and a big cup of water and you have my standard Terra Ve meal.
Overall Rating: B-

3. At the show Saturday night Matt and I left briefly in search for food and came across a nice homey KFC.  Turns out KFC has a lot of meat products on the menu, so anyone not interested is left with sides; biscuits, baked beans, mashed potatoes with gravy, or mac and cheese.  What oversized side is complete without a medium coke? 
Overall Rating: C+

It's really easy to forget to take a picture of your dinner before you eat it, but I'll try to keep up and keep you updated.

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  1. Its not that hard!! ive been doing it for 2 years. good luck!