Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Night of Broken Glass(es): Personality Crisis at Crash Mansion

Last Thursday I left my cozy dorm room at SUNY PURCHASE!! to go traipsing through the wild New York City night in order to attend the one and only Personality Crisis show, hosted by Shapes at Crash Mansion in the city.

Full disclosure: I was mostly attending to see SUNY PURCHASE!! alum Nick Brennan perform with his band, The Static Jacks. It's totally alright though, because The Static Jacks happen to be an up-and-coming band that have given up the dream of "higher education" for the dream of being a "rock star." To that end, they have all dropped out of school (for now) and are in the process of playing tonz of shows in order to "spread the word" about their "band." I had heard their Bridges and Tunnels EP and enjoyed it, but it took seeing them live to really "get it." They sound like a combination of The Strokes, Tokyo Police Club, and the singer from Vampire Weekend. It's pretty straightforward- just some good ole' melodic, danceable, indie rock (pop). The have really awesome shoes, and that might seem completely irrelevant, but with this type of band, it's almost the most important thing.

After The Static Jacks was Shapes, a very enjoyable glam-punk band that I broke my glasses to. I've replayed the moment over and over in my head, the first song begins, I rush to the front of the crowd, and within SECONDS, my glasses fall off of my face and, seemingly are lost forever. I lie to people and say that I'm legally blind without them (not yet), but it was still a difficult task tracking my specs AND my hat down, but, rest assured, everything turned out for the best.
P.S. My glasses are made by Burberry. Maybe now you understand the gravity of the situation.
But also, Shapes are very good. The lead singer had a great crotch, and it was really accentuated by his golden spandex pants. Nice heels too.

BTW a band called The Hunt played first and they SUCKED. They sucked so hard, really. Just because you're all wearing fucking vests doesn't mean you can have a mullet, you old douche!

More photos from this show will be up soon on the MY SON COOL FLICKR.