Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MOKAAD!! and Vaginas

Last Thursday night began like any other: I rolled out of bed, wiped the semen from my eyes, and pulled on my boots. I headed out onto the blustery SUNY PURCHASE!! bluffs and stumbled my way across campus to that last refuge of harmony and debauchery, so affectionately called The Stood. Once there, I was overwhelmed by faux-feminine snacks of all sorts: clitoral cupcakes, fellopian finger-food, and gingerbread villas of violet vulvas are only a couple examples of the multitude of rude dude nutritious food that they had available 4 consumption. This was, after all, a benefit show for the Vagina Monologues, which you have definitely heard of before.

Now, because of my "condition" (have you ever seen Memento?) I have a hard time remembering all the insignificant/specific details of the night. It is also hard to remember because I'm writing this about six days after it happened- but when has that ever stopped me? :/

Anywayz, the first band I can remember seeing/liking was The Boomerangs, a country-pop group who I've been folllowing ever since I saw them at the Co-Op last semester. They have a pretty classic sound for the most part, but for the least part, they also have a pretty rad lead guitar player who adds a bit of a more modern sound to the mix. He plays a pretty lacerating guitar lead, and sometimes he stomps on that good ole' delay pedal, and then u kno it's gunna get EPIC!!1!

Some girl sang to an iPod. It was like... completely unmemorable. Next!

Aha! Finally, at last, I can gush about mothafucking Mokaad and the Flex Points!! They are a very good band, and really, really impressively sized. I didn't count but hey, it looked like there were 30 people onstage for the show. Well, it was actually about 10 or so- three horn players, one guy on keyboard that I smoked pot with at the beginning of school and then never saw again, one guy with a guitar and a goddam wah pedal, two backup singers (boner!), an awesome bass player, a drummer, and of course MOKAAD!! himself. They played pretty funky stuff, I mean, their second song was a Stevie Wonder cover, and they actually did justice to it. Because I'm an asshole, I was ready to hate them. A line in the first song was "When I wake up in the morning/I roll up some gangja," and, needless to say, that line elicited a deafening roar of stoned approval from all the pot-smoking loozers that love that kind of shit. I was not convinced. I will ruin the suspense now and admit that, yes, I did come around. Mokaad really does run a pretty great band, and it's really fun music to dance to. They just groove on one thing for like hours. And they bring all the hot girls out!

Check out all the photos HERE! God, it's like you were there too.

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