Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tae Kwon Tuesdays!!

AT LAST: the second edition of Tae Kwon Tuesdays!! has arrived. 

Yesterday, I arrived at the gym for my Tae Kwon Do class teeming with excitement and shaking from caffeine. I quickly took my place at the back  of the group and looked in awe at the spectacular arrangement of white uniforms before me. We spent some time warming up and jogging; and then began the now casual practice of refining our mental energy. After we had thoroughly honed our ability to make an utterly unmovable "OK" sign with our hands we moved onto more serious business. LIKE SIDE KICKS!! But enuff nonsense?? Today I decided to compile a couple of things inspired or entirely derived from my experience on Monday!

"Imagine your arm is a firehose- but instead of water, it's streaming mental energy into the universe."


"You may not be having any fun, but let's let these games continue."


"Now Catalina and Justina will pick me up by my elbows."

One fact about Tae Kwon Do!! 
-the representative federation for the sport is the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF)

Haiku Kwon Do
Like an iron ring
I held together my fingers
Mental strength coursing 

Haiku Kwon Don't
Like a dragonfly
Kicking someone's throat is my
Goal this semester

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