Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Folk Off Friday

This is the most overdue blog post to date that I have failed to write. This show took place almost two weeks ago. Sorry, five people! Well, it was a pretty folked up night for me, I had to cover two shows at two different venues, and two of my friends I met at my SUNY PURCHASE!! orientation were playing. Coincidence? Yes. At the Stood, Emma Tringali was the main act, and she did not disapoint. Also, a SUNY PURCHASE!! alum, this show at Whitsons marked her first return to the alma mater she loved so much while she was here. Nope, she just couldn't wait to come back! Her set was a little long, and the vocals were a bit screechy at times, but, boy, she's got a gorgeous voice and a beautiful band to back her up. Olken opened up for her, and sadly I only caught the beginning of their set because I had to run to the Co-Op to catch my boyfriend's set. I, however, have seen them before, and I enjoy their more rugged take on folk music. Their uniqueness comes from having a really bad-ass accordian player, and having Kjartan Loberg Code on electric cello. Contrary to popular belief however, it is not "Kjartan's band," and I don't know if Kevin, the lead singer and guitarist, gets upset by that conception, but I would.

Anyway, at the Co-Op there was a stacked line-up. Keith Richards played and he really tore it up. Just choking, it was only Richard Keith and it was boring. After that was The Tale, a nice piano and guitar two-piece, and then last and least of all- Nick Corbo. It was a very pleasant set, Nick eschewing the "standard rock conventions" said "No thanks, sound man. I'll play this WITHOUT your help." And he did. He huddled the lot of us near the stage and without a mic or ANYTHING, he played the whole of his set with just his acoustic guitar and his acoustic voice. Highlights of the set included a cover of Daniel Johnston's classic, "True Love Will Find You In The End," and the Nick Corbo classic, "Painted Halls."

Emma Tringali (video by Callum Plews)

Note: Anyone curious as to what the freshman dorms at SUNY PURCHASE!! look like, just watch this video. These lucky cocksuckers have a suite!

Here is the Daniel Johnston song, for no reason other than that it is great, and this video is great.

For more photos from this event, check out the MY SON COOL FLICKR.

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