Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chris Listorti - Words That Suture Wounded Hearts

So, there aren't any shows this week until Friday and I'm not about to report on my own performances, so for the time being I'm going to dig into the depths of my hometown music and bring up an artist I think everyone should really get to know.

I met Chris Listorti at The Space in Hamden a few years ago and he was really one of the most approachable musicians I've ever met.  Since then I've played a number of shows with him and he continues to grow musically every time I see him.  Chris is an incredibly talented musician with an innate musical understanding and a creative sound.  I've grown accustomed to Chris' quiet, crafted, acoustic melodies but on his new CD, "Words That Suture Wounded Hearts," he's taken more of a full band approach which I really enjoy. Its refreshing to hear pianos, drums, organs and vocal backgrounds fill out old favorites into new, more complete recordings.  I would stream some of the songs if I could but for now you can listen to a number of them on his myspace, and if you like what you hear I definitely recommend supporting this artist and ordering a CD.  "On My Thoughts" and "Willimantic" are two great choices for new listeners.

Also, make sure you're at a show this Friday, Feb. 6th! You have two to choose from:

CO-OP @ 7:30
with Kelly Izzo, Richard Keith, The Tale (with Randy Fuentes and Laurie Anne Creus), and me, Nick Corbo

THE STOOD @ 8:00

Both shows are free.
In these next few weeks I'll be recording and releasing an acoustic EP with my friends from Shack Attack Records.  When the songs are ready I'll try to find some way to get them up onto the blog but if not and you just see me walking around, definitely ask me about it and I'll get you a free copy.  Until then come visit my myspace for demos and updates.

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