Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pattern Is Movement @ The Stood

Monster Machismo from Oneonta, NY opened up the show with some of the most technical music I've seen in a while. Every member of the group was constantly moving and performing multiple rhythms at once. Their singer/guitarist mixed complicated tapping rhythms and chord patterns with off-beat vocals and crowd sing-alongs like his head and his arms were from two different, constantly counting bodies. They played songs that were not only technical and impressive, but catchy and fun and fast paced. I heard that these guys were only in high school, which makes me hate them a little.

Following Monster Machismo was SUNY PURCHASE!!! favorite, Zona Mexicana. I'm not sure if I need to go into great detail about Zona, I think they might play more shows on campus than any other purchase band. However, I think that this was my favorite performance of theirs to date. Check these guys out this Friday night at the Stood for THE GREATEST SHOW EVER, where they'll be playing At The Drive-In songs with various other cover groups including Saves The Day, Nirvana, The Velvet Underground, Enya, and The Band. Check the event page for more info. While you're there ask these guys for a new CD of their real music.

Next up were Capillary Action, an ever changing, ever evolving progressive group that I saw once in my home town. I feel like this band is more of a living outlet for singer/guitar player Jonathan Pfeffer's compositions because he's been the only constant member since I last saw them. I think I preferred their first performance, before they developed this sort of jazz/samba/lounge/rim clicks on the snare drum sort of style. Their current line-up features a nylon string guitar, a trombone player with a ponytail, a girl playing accordion, a boomy stand-up bass and lots of auxiliary percussion. However, now that I'm listening to the songs on their myspace, many of them are much heavier and electronic. Maybe these guys change so much that you can't classify them, I say check them out for yourself.

I was about to head home and go to sleep when Pattern Is Movement set up and began to play. By the time I heard their first song I had decided to stay. I think this band has a really new, unique sound, which is something you hear less and less of. A two piece, Andrew Thiboldeaux plays an assortment of keyboards including a rhodes electric piano and sings in a full voice, almost broadway sort of style while Chris Ward literally beats the shit out of the drums, delivering some of the most well-rounded, full, complete and thundering drum sounds I've ever heard, it was great. We all stood in a very welcoming, friendly atmosphere while the band developed a sort of tonal atmosphere that really filled the room with each song, complete with drum blasts that you just couldn't get away from. Check out their myspace for lots of great stuff, including a documentation of the bands love for top 40 covers, and get this, not only a Daytrotter Session but also TWO BLOGOTHEQUE Take Away Show videos, which is really really awesome. All in all, a really great show.

I didn't take any photos so watch these videos!!

Monster Machismo:

Zona Mexicana:

Pattern Is Movement:

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