Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tae Kwon Wednesday?!

The world has fallen into chaos, thus I present this special edition of Tae Kwon Tuesday: Wednesday Edition

Well, not much to report this week. We learned jumping air kicks, that was mostly it.

Important to note- Every Tae Kwon Do class ends the same way. Our sensei instructs us to say "Tae Kwon Do! Chun Do Kwon!" and then to jump into the air, kick, and give a "spirited shout." Now, please, imagine 30 unathletic, disinterested, and generally cynical hipster scumbag asshole elitist douchebags AKA yr standard stereotypical SUNY PURCHASE!! pigheaded loser wannabe phony posers all attempting this in unison. If u dont think thatz funny thann cheq yr pulse, CUZ YOUR DEAADD!!


"I am Papa Tiger, and you are all tiger cubs"


"Like an accordian- explode."


  1. Hey, uh, I'm in your class. I didn't think my cynical hipster scumbag asshole elitist douchebaggines showed, i thought i was hiding it pretty well. You forgot pigheaded btw.jk. You write pretty well for a tiger cub.