Thursday, March 12, 2009

Terra FREE

All good things must come to an end right? How about the pretty annoying things?

I'm sorry to say that my quest for a meat free month has come to an end.  I made it two weeks and all I have to show for it our these weird pictures of what I ate.  It all ended with some pretty bad meals, I'll let you see for yourself.

1. Got this beauty at the dining hall a few weeks ago.  I had actually been eating at the dining hall a few days in a row and though it was hard to turn down those beautiful chicken cordon bleu bagels, I restrained myself and it wasn't all that bad without meat.  This meal actually wasn't as bad as it looks, it's essentially a flour tortilla with corn, beans and some sort of green rice.  The bottom third is comprised of some really overcooked corn and something I think was called "California Casserole," I honestly couldn't tell you what that tastes like because I couldn't get myself to eat it.  The sludge in the top right third is actually a mound of delicious scalloped potatoes.  There's Pepsi in that cup and I had a piece of cheesecake for desert.  All in all, not too colorful, but not too bad.
Overall Grade: B

2. This one, however, was really the soy tofu bar that broke the camels back.  It's pasta from Terra Ve with broccoli and tofu.  It wouldn't have been that bad had it not been drowned in soy sauce.  One thing I've noticed with Terra Ve is that they often assume that anyone that eats there would much rather prefer an ocean of soy sauce to some meat.  It was pretty bad, I just drank my water and didn't bother with my tiny chic pea salad.  I was determined to call it quits.
Overall Grade: F    

3.  By dinner I had made up my mind.  This turkey sandwich wasn't even that great but in it I could taste all the meats the future had in store for me and it was fantastic.  Since then it's been all burritos and turkey burgers for me.  I honestly feel a lot better, I was definitely not getting enough protein and by the end of this experiment my body was pretty pissed off.  Well, more soy chips for Carla I guess.
Overall Grade: Failure                                                                                                          

Well it was good while it lasted (it was ok), but if you feel so inclined, follow my vegetarian adventure HERE.

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