Thursday, March 26, 2009

SUNY Purchase!! Honorable Mentions

Last week, I put up my top 5 bands list, and this week, Nick "No-Nonsense" Corbo, put up his. Now that we have had time to digest and sort through your overwhelming feedback, we are both ready to present our "Hon. Men." list; in my case, right now, and with Nick, who f-ing knows, right? But sorry to keep you waiting, germs- let the games begin!

Battle Ave Tea Club is a great bizarro-pop group that makes a really nice Canadian indie  type of music. Influenced by Frog Eyes among others, the lead singer has a fairly idiosyncratic voice, but if you can get past that (and you should be able to), there is lot to like about this Purchase band.

Landlords are a very weird/shitty/dead kind of band. As a three-piece industrial noise outfit, this isn't yr typical Rihanna by any means. They're more sweet 'n sour (like Plain White Tees) and they can be 'lil ruff at times ;) Most of their songs just consist of a fuxx bass farting out long ominous notes to a death march drum beat while feedback screeches in from the guitar amp. It's very thick and swampy. It's sticky like mucous, and makes you feel weird about yourself. <3
I've seen a couple of Tamarin shows lately, and, truth be told, they've all been pretty great. I saw them the other week headlining a show at Whitsons, and then a couple days later, performing songs by The Band, for the Greatest Show Ever, sponsored by the one and only Sam Schachter. Tamarin has a couple members of The Shakes in it, but is more country than those guys. They did a great version of a number of The Bands songs, and rly captrd the spirit of the whole thing.


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