Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hump-Day Nite @ the Co-Op

Spring Break: It's over guys. We're in school again. Shows. Shows. Showsss.
Last nite was the first official show of the second part of the second semester. To honor the occasion, SUNY PURCHASE MUSICIAN!! Cameron Wisch booked a fantastttttic show at the Co-Op, our campus' dear little xcoffeexshopx. I was tardy, as always, and caught only two of the bands- but WHO"S COUNTING??? LUL. Anyways, the first band I saw was Images, which was a cool shoegazey, new wavey, beach wavey kind of band. The "lead singer" had a crazy 12-string guitar and a couple really great pedals. It was droney in the sense that there was a lot of repetition at times, but the music was also very dynamic and organic. Images is really interesting because, as a three-piece, every member of the group is so vital to the sound. This also gives a lot of space for the individual instruments to make a pronounced contribution to the group. It was really cool how the polyrhythmic drumming put a different inflection on all the instruments. The songs had a tropical feel, yet were also sorta structureless. The performance was fascinating because the band had rigged up a projector that vroadcast right onto the band and it was so cool no doubt.

After Images ended their set, Cameron's math rock monster, Zona Mexicana, STEPED UP 2 DA PLAYTE. And boy did they knock it out of the park. I've been going to Zona shows for a while now, and I still just get more into it. Personally, it took a long time to figure them out because I've never really listened to ne "calculatorr rrock," so I had a hard time understanding, LET ALONE, dancing to, their shows. But now I've sort of got it figured out, and it's pretty exhilirating. Zona is another great three-piece, and it's great x3 because they're all really fantastic at their (respective) instruments. The music is so connotative of all sorts of really epic things; it's great music to pore over because it's all so meticulously composed and arranged.
I was tired after that so I let myself off easy, and treated my poor body to a series of delicious decisions at the Hub. NO REGRRETS/DIY MUSIC CONCERT AT THE STOOD TONITE/IT'S NOT THAT DIY

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