Friday, March 20, 2009

SUNY Purchase!! Top 5 Bands!!

Well, me and Nick are on spring break right now, and have been feeling pretty lazy 'bout blogging ya know? We decided that during this week-long hiatus from school we would take time to reflect and pontificate upon our experience with muzack thus far this year. We now emerge from the first few days of meditation and ponderance and offer up a list; a list that has names; and these names are BANDS, ladies and gentlemen. So now, without further ado, my (Matt Palmer's) list of the top five SUNY Purchase!! bands!!

1. The Shakes- a fantastic organ-driven rockabilly punk band with two panty soaking singers that croon and swoon and play awesome Sam Cooke covers.

2. Screwed Again- a clean cut bunch of 'prep-city rockers' that really know how to shake, and even roll! a little bit. Srsly tho, a really great nu-wave band that creates sing-a-long anthems out of the mny injustices of the MTA.

3. Twin Sister- a really very pretty band that combines chimey gutairs with the beautiful voice of a beautiful, blue-haired angel. There are other instruments (assuredly), but I've only got eyes/earz for you... O TRUE BLUE!!

4. Vince Vonnegut- a very interesting artist who, through his many delay pedals, drum machines, and rolling papers, creates expansive sonic landscapes with only his voice and his wazzle-twads.

5. Nick Corbo- singer songwriter, sweetheart, sincere student, honest citizen, passionate lover, righteous writer, hallowed heart-tamer, dragoon warrior, fire mage, LVL 70 Gnome on the Aleddriss server (PM him), and faithful LARPER.

Nick Corbo: EP Release on SA Records from James Madejski on Vimeo.

P.S. Other list cumming tomorrow!

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