Friday, April 10, 2009

Open Mic Wednesdays At The STOOD

First of all, everybody be sure to come to SOUTHSIDE tonight around 7 for Part II of the Culture Shock Battle of the Bands and bring lots of animals and virgins to sacrifice to Jeff Levine so that Weird Korea at least makes it to the finals tomorrow night.  Here's tonight's lineup:

The Boomerangs
Bums and Drass
The City Strikes Back
Elemeno Pete
For Every Judas

Pretty awesome.
Myspace search really sucks. You're going to check out all of those links before tonight right? I did.

But more importantly, WEDNESDAY NIGHTS and the STOOD have transformed from quiet acoustic nights to well... quiet acoustic nights with INTERMITTENT BANDS! Thats right, now you and your fledgling band can come play at Whitson's under the tender care of Pete McAwesome and a new array of Stood gear, including a house drum set and amps and plenty of new mics.  Weird Korea has played the past two weeks in a row and if everyone would just forget how we sounded the first week we'd be totally comfortable making this a weekly thing and you should too.  The musixc starts around 9 on Wednesdays in Whitson's, so pick two songs and get there early to sign up if you're interested in playing.

See everybody tonight, come support SUNY PURCHASE!!! bands.

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