Thursday, April 16, 2009

One If By Air, Two if By Blog

That's right everybody, it's almost as if MY SON COOL had lifted its fledgling wings and is now soaring over SUNY PURCHASE!! in an RSS feed. You have given us your beautiful music, Matt and I have carelessly pieced it together into a podcast, and now we're giving it back to you. It's like giving your friends your christmas presents from last year except these are better.
Download it here (or just stream it)
Sounds great, let us know what you think and maybe there'll be more where that came from.

Also check out our new in house player down there in the corner. Matt isn't signed up with them yet but I've been obsessing over my charts for about 2 weeks now and now you can check out what I've been trying so hard for everyone to see that I've been listening to (and stream it straight from the blog!).

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