Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Honorable Mentions

This school is filled with awesome bands and really great music, so lumping everything into a list of 5 would do no justice to our community here.  Here are my honorable mentions, bands definitely worth checking out.

These guys have such a huge, developed and carefully constructed sound.  They fill up rooms completely with both instrumental ambience and an army of an audience bobbing in unison from the hip.

Funk isn't really my thing but this band is by far made up of some of the best musicians on campus and they really know what they're doing.  They definitely put on a good show and get people to come out, yet they are apparently too funky to be found anywhere at all on the internet.

I remember the first time I saw these guys it was at a Crossroads open mic and they were the first math band I've ever witnessed.  Since then I've seen them numerous times and they grow on me more and more every time.  These guys are touring this July and currently have more shows on their myspace than any band I can think of.

Pete's one of my favorite guys in the music department and he's involved in a lot of different projects so that should be all the more incentive to check them all out.  Matt and I actually just saw Pete play earlier tonight at the Stood open mic with what I think was an entirely new band that was very loud and abrasive and great.  Check out Pete's BLOG for news and updates and videos and lots of great stuff.  Matt caught these guys last Saturday while I was setting up for my show a the CO-OP, so expect a more detailed post on their show sometime soon.

First SUNY PURCHASE!!! band I ever heard.  Data Dog mixes elements of acoustic indie and synth-heavy electro pop with a top coat of layers harmonies and samples.  The cool thing about these guys is that they reproduce their sound very well in a live setting.  Come see for yourself on this Saturday, April 4th, (at what appears to be an undisclosed location on campus) for their first CD release. 

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